IndyCar LLC is a North American Racing Company and organization that organizes the IndyCar Series and its flagship event, the Indianapolis 500 miles, as well as various series of promotional single-seaters such as the Indy Lights, Pro Mazda Championship or the US F2000 National Championship. It is affiliated with the International Automobile Federation.

Established as Indy Racing League (also known as IRL), the company was founded in 1994 by Tony George, heir to the Hulman George family (en), then owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and organizer of the Indianapolis 500. On November 4, 2019, Penske Corporation (en) acquired Hulman & Company and all of its subsidiaries, including IndyCar LLC and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

With the formation of the Indy Racing League in 1996, which became the IndyCar Series, Tony George created a split with the CART5, which had been in existence since 1979 and whose Indy 500 was the reigning event. IndyCar LLC is the fourth organization to manage and organize major single-seater competitions in the United States after the AAA, USAC, and CART/Champ Car. The company officially adopted its new name on January 1, 2011.

The Indy Car Name

The term “Indy Car” was used as early as the 1950s. It was the nickname given to the USAC Championship single-seaters, derived from the name of the most popular car race in the American sport, the Indianapolis 500. This name continued to be used by the Championship Auto Racing Teams, replacing the USAC as the main organizer of the motor racing championships in the United States, which then referred to its championship as the CART PPG Indy Car World Series (although it was not the organizer of the Indy 500).

The absorption of ChampCar by the IndyCar Series

In February 2008, Tony George and the owners of the ChampCar World Series signed an agreement to unify the two championships beginning with the 200816 seasons. It is more absorption of ChampCar by IndyCar than a real fusion. Indeed, the ChampCar disappeared after the 2008 Long Beach Grand Prix, and most of the teams migrated to the IndyCar Series.

Randy became the new chairman of the Indy Racing League in February 2010. The following year, Indy Racing League, the company that organized the IndyCar Series, officially changed its name to IndyCar. In October 2012, Mark Mikes became the company’s new president.

IndyCar Series

The IndyCar Series has been the main championship of the IndyCar since 1996. For legal reasons, it has only been named after him since the 2003 season. Since 2008 and the announcement of the demise of the CART/Car field, the IndyCar Series is the only major single-seater racing championship in North America. NTT, a telecommunications company, is the current title sponsor of the series.

Initially, the series competed exclusively on oval circuits. From 2005 onwards, road and urban routes began to appear. Today, only one-third of the races take place on speed rings, the rest on urban and street circuits.

The main event on the calendar is the Indianapolis 500, which takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Although the Championship has hosted it since 1996 and despite the fact that the track has been running since 1909, it becomes the main event due to its antiquity and importance, as well as being its owner, the American businessman Tony George, the creator of the series. He also fulfilled the role of the main event of the series, as ancestors CART/IndyCar World Series (1979 – 1995), National Championship of the USAC (1956 – 1978, 1980-1984 championship interim, USAC included within the organization of CART/IndyCar World Series, only was devoted to giving the prize of 500 miles), and the Championship of the AAA (1905 – 1955)

All the circuits that visited the IndyCar Series Were American ovals until 2002, in 2003 a race was added at Motegi, located in Japan. In the 2005 sea, son mixed circuits were added for the first time: The St. Petersburg street and the Sears Point (Sonoma) and Watkins Glen aerodromes. Two years later, the Detroit street circuit and the Mid-Ohio racetrack joined.

Due to the merger with Champ Car, races such as Edmonton and Long Beach joined in 2008 and Surfers Paradise was an unreportable date. For his part. Detroit lost his street career for 2009 (though he returned in 2012) and joined Toronto. The 2010 season was the first season in which the ovals were in the minority.8 that year, races were added in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and The Barber racetrack in 2010, a new urban circuit in Baltimore and the return of the New Hampshire Oval in 2011. The ovals of International Speedway Corporation, owned by the France family (NASCAR owners), we’re definitely fanned in 2011 for little promotion.

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