Racing Disciplines

From grand tourism to single-seaters, from NASCAR to dragsters, Motorsport made its appearance on all the world’s continents around 1900. Today motorsport is at its peak and remains a lifestyle for those who practice it. Today, Formula 1 has become the most competitive car in the world. Indeed, entering this championship is the goal of any driver. Names like Michael Schumacher (seven times Formula 1 champion) or Juan Manuel Fangio (five times Formula 1 world champion) have become references and are among the best Formula 1 drivers.

On the touristic side, the WTCR international championship makes spectators dream of becoming an automobile driver. Indeed, this category proposes many actions in each event of the tournament.

  1. Circuit races

There are two types of track racing: sprint and endurance. The sprints are the shortest. They last about 20 minutes while the endurance races can go from 1 to 24 hours. There are famous endurance races, especially in the Grand Tour. The 24 hours of Le Mans or the 24 hours of Spa Franco champs are very famous annual events in the world of motorsport. There are three different types of motor vehicles that can run on asphalt: the single-seater vehicles known as the “formula”, the large-scale tourism vehicles known as the ” GT “and the “Lmp” prototypes. On the American continent, we hear more about “oval circuit” and ” Indy car “.

The referential of the single-seater is Formula 1. Many drivers who started in Formula 3 are now world champions. Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso are these examples and are now the leading drivers of the 21st century. On the side of Formula 1, the GT is a little less reputed. However, the Blancpain (GT Championship organized by SRO) is growing.

  1. Rally racing

The rally is a worldwide automobile discipline. The WRC is the world championship in this category. The best drivers in the sport are assembled in this championship. The races are divided into several timed sectors called ” special “. Whether on the land, on the road, on the snow, in the city, cars are bound to make the best time in each area.

There are great drivers in this category with: Sebastian Loeb crowned nine times world champion as well as Sebastian Ogier who is six times world champion and intends to equalize Loeb well. In this motor race, drivers benefit from the help of co-drivers to orient them on the circuit.

  1. The Drift

“Drift” is a Japanese automobile discipline called “Drift”. Indeed, in the different drift competitions, the drivers are noted on the control of the vehicle, their trajectory, the cleanliness of the show and, their speed. François Axel is the winner of the French championship FFSA de drifts in the Elite rankings.

Little by little, this car competition is spreading all over the European continent. Bringing spectacle and resembling no motor racing, this championship brings difference and originality, enough to attract more than one spectator.

  1. Karting races

Karting is the beginning of a professional driver’s career. Taking place on small tracks of 700 to 1,500 km, the karting is described as “small cylindrical single-seaters”. There are several categories of karting reserved for different levels. Minimal Karting is one of the first classes. Next, the X30 is one of the last classes.

There are many karting Championships, both rental karting and competitive karting. Both find their place in professional championships or leisure championships. The SWS (Sodi World Series) accepts two types of karting. There are, for example, training schools to become a professional driver with the circuit break organized by the FFSA. Enzo Valente, Caio Collet, Hadrien David are among the drivers who have shone in karting and who find themselves in a single-seater in 2019.

  1. Car racing in the mountains

The coast races where mountain races do not belong to the leading categories of motorsport. Between the rally and the circuit, these races remain mythical and offer a maximum of the show in a minimum of time. Between Mont Ventoux, Gaillon and Laffrey there are several “mountain” events.

Coast racing is part of the historical heritage of motorsport. These races combine several car brands such as Porsche, Abarth, and Ferrari. To date, we are hearing less and less about these races, which nevertheless continue to take place in all the French and European regions.

  1. Historic vehicle racing (HVC))

In order to moderate the modern disciplines of motorsport, the optic tour is famous for making Reign old times. From the Ford formula to the historic rally, the FSFA has set up various events and various historic Car Championships. This is how fans of vintage cars or drivers wanting to learn about the history of the automobile find their happiness in its different historical categories.

All-terrain automobile competitions

Car competitions of this kind provide vehicles that can ride on the road, in the mountains or in the snow. The 4×4 and the buggies are big cars used for this kind of competition. This type of car participates in regional rallies more or less known. To date, this type of competition is growing in the Sahara.

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